In 1953, Don Roberto Palomo, a visionary man, set the grounds of the footwear industry in El Salvador, giving life to the dream of “fitting Salvadorans with shoes”..


The plant was inaugurated to begin production on June 27, 1953, with the name of “Calzado Salvadoreño S.A.” with which our current name was also born: ADOC, transcribed from the Latin AD-HOC, which means “on purpose”, "to measure".

The vision of our founder was to offer strong and durable footwear for field work: “Los Vulcanizados”
-the first shoes produced in our factory and of which cost was ¢7.50 (US$ 0.86) at the time; similarly, the manufacturing of casual and formal footwear began with a cost of ¢21.75 (US$ 2.49). The national territory increased its demand and because of this, the footwear options for women and children were added to ADOC’s projects.


currently has operations in El Salvador,
Guatemala, Honduras
Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

Since its beginnings, high quality materials, machinery and technicians specialized in footwear have always been employed to offer excellent products that meet the needs of our customers.


Over the years, international footwear and clothing brands have been incorporated in order to create a complete shopping experience in our stores.


ADOC Enterprises has grown over 66 years, now, our customers can find our brands among other national and international ones, distributed in more than 236 stores in the Central American region.