The Duramás plant was founded in 1970 and is dedicated
exclusively to manufacture footwear for export markets in
different parts of the world such as Central America,
South America, the Caribbean, US and Europe. Currently
it produces more than three thousand pairs of shoes a
day, each year it produces more than 750 pairs.


Duramás in recent years has become one of the fewest
factories in the world, that specialises in manufacturing
handmade moccasin shoes focused on the needs of the
United States and European markets.


Shoemaking in El Salvador has walked every year to the
growth in the market, establishing itself as an industrial
branch with great potential. In recent years Duramás has
been characterized internationally by its high quality for
hand sewing products in which hundreds of artisans work,
producing products for luxury brands. Dubai, Australia,
France, Italy, among others, have been markets that have
enjoyed the comfort of the shoes made by Salvadoran


The shoes produced by our plant are highly prized in
Europe and the United States because, as we know, these
are made with a specialized manufacturing process,
considered as fine and durable footwear, craftsmen are
responsible for the development of an average of 3200
pairs a day, 100% handmade; in a year more than 750
thousand pairs are produced, with more than 15 different




Contact phone number: (503) 2249-2800

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