Empresas ADOC has manufacturing plants of
finished product and component fabrication.


Finished product plants.
The company is dedicated not only in marketing, but also
in footwear production being the largest footwear factory
in Central America thanks to its manufacturing plants,
which during a year produce more than 3 million pairs of

That production potential, consolidated with 62 years of
operation, generates more than 3,700 direct jobs at a
regional level, of which about 82% are Salvadorans and
the rest are distributed among Guatemala, Honduras,
Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

The evolution of the footwear has allowed them to
diversify into materials and styles, from the classic shoe
for men “El Burro” to styled heels with modern textures
and dynamic colors.


Plant Valería (Montecarmelo)

Our Plant Valería is located in San Salvador El Salvador,
Soyapango, it has an approximate production of 2,000
pairs daily distributed in the brands Hush Puppies,
Heartland and Adoc. In addition it satisfies the needs of
more than 300 employees, in the 7 Areas: Avíos, Cutting,
Preparation, Aparado, Assembled, Ensuelado and Finish.
Their products are made with genuine leather and linings
of high quality synthetic materials , which are delivered to
our customers under three principles: high quality
standards , just in time delivery and low costs.

Brands that are produced: ADOC , HUSH PUPPIES and


Contact email:


Contact phone numers:: (503) 2251-7123 ó (503)


Plant Tres Naves (Ateos):

Our plant Tres Naves is located in Ateos and its
production is specialized in manufacturing
“Vulcanizados”, hard concrete, direct injection and full
plastics. Its production capacity is approximately 8,000
pairs per day.

Tres Naves has 4 lines of production:

– Vulcanizado: Produces safety shoes (with steel hub and
dielectric cube), military boots, casual boots, the iconic
“Burros” and school shoes for boys and men.

– Línea40: Produces hand-sewn shoes (CAM process),
casual men’s shoes and school shoes for girl and

– Línea jareta: Produces women shoes of canvas with
direct injection .

– Línea sandalias: Produces sandals for men, women and
children, and women wedge shoes.




Teléfono de contacto: (503) 2327-5423


Our component plants:
The quality of our products starts by using first hand
quality raw materials, that is why Empresas ADOC counts
with component plants which are responsible for
producing its own raw material, like: rubber plant,
tannery, bonded fibers and adhesives. These divisions
allow us to produce quality raw material: leather,
adhesives, soles, and other components required for the
manufacture of footwear. It’s this strategy that has allowed
us to compete in the global market, as a highly efficient
industry and with the leadership that has always
characterized us.


Tenería (Ateos):

Its a plant specialized in skins of bovine of high quality:
distinguished by its high usage of cutting, finished skins
are reviewed with SATRA quality standards recognized
worldwide in the footwear industry. Rawhide is used from
the Central American area, South America and Wet Blue
of American origin, with semi aniline finishes or
pigmented in various thicknesses, consistencies and

We offer a wide variety of skins such as nappa, atanados,
fatty, crazy horse, nubuck, oscaria, velour and others.
Our products are: leather for the shoe industry and bags
in a variety of colors, pigmented and aniline type; leather
for leather goods; leather for upholstery; leather for
clothing; leather for gloves and industrial robes.
Tenería Ateos currently has an installed capacity of
700,000 p2 of finished leather per month.


Adhesive Plant
Adhesive Plant has over 25 years of experience in the
manufacture of adhesives for the industries of: footwear,
wood, printing, school, labeling, etc. Our adhesives are
manufactured under strict quality control, offering
different options according to our customer’s
requirements, varying in drying conditions, operating
open time, percent of folids and viscosities. In this plant
contact adhesives, polyurethanes and white tails are
produced. We also have a line of organic adhesives or
“ecofriendly” which primary characteristic is that they are
free of toluene. Our adhesives sell under the brand DEL
TORO throughout Central America.


Contact email:


Contact phone number: (503) 2227-1684



This division was born more than 40 years ago and its
function is to manufacture sheets of spun bonded leather
or reconstituted, which is intended to prepare insole,
ferrules, visors, retacones, fillers and shoe reinforcers in
the footwear industry.



The products produced in this plant are: rubber, PVC
compound, TPR, EVA sheets, heels, rubber soles and
insoles. This is a recycling plant because the production
of some rubber soles are recycled.