ADOC enterprises has production plants for both finished product and manufacturing.


Finished product plants
The company is dedicated not only to the merchandising, but also to the production of footwear, being the largest shoe factory in Central America thanks to its manufacturing plants, which during the year produce more than 3 million pairs of shoes.
This production potential, consolidated with 65 years of operations, generates more than 3,700 direct jobs at the regional level, of which approximately 82% are Salvadorans and the rest are distributed between Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.
The evolution of its footwear has allowed it to diversify in materials and styles, from its classic “El Burro” men’s footwear, to stylized heels with modern textures and dynamic colors.


Valería Plant (Montecarmelo)
Our Valería Plant is located in San Salvador, El Salvador, Soyapango. It produces approximately 1,700 pairs of shoes per day distributed between the Hush Puppies, Heartland and ADOC brands. It also provides employment to more than 270 workers.
Its products are made with genuine leather and high-quality synthetic material linings, which are delivered to our customers under 4 premises: In the required quantity, high quality standards, exact delivery times and low costs.


Tres Naves Plant (Ateos):
Our Tres Naves Plant is located in Ateos (La Libertad) and its production is specialized in manufacturing pressed assembling, hand-sewing, direct injection to the cuttings and sandals. Its production capacity is approximately 4,000 pairs per day.



Our component plants:
The quality of our products begins with the use of first quality raw materials, which is why ADOC Enterprises has component plants that are responsible for the production of their own raw material, such as: rubber, tannery, agglutinated fibers and adhesives.

These divisions allow us to produce quality raw material: skins, adhesive soles, and other components necessary for the manufacturing of footwear. It is this strategy that has allowed us to compete in the globalized market, as a highly efficient industry and with the leadership that has always characterized us.


Tannery (Ateos):
Through its tannery, ADOC has dedicated for more than 40 years to developing high quality tanned skins and has established itself in the market as one of the best tanneries in the region, satisfying the needs of the most demanding clients.

With the aim of achieving the best quality in leather, a team made up of leather experts works carefully in the research, development and continuous improvement of its products.

The extensive trajectory in the tanning of skins, first-class infrastructure, the culture of constant innovation, high quality standards and respect for the environment in the productive processes, position the leather of the tannery among the most competitive in the market.


Adhesives Plant
Our Adhesives plant has more than 25 years of experience in the manufacturing of adhesives for the following industries: footwear, wood, printing, school, graphic arts and labeling, etc.

Our adhesives are manufactured under strict quality control, offering different manufacturing options according to the customer’s requirement, thus varying drying conditions, open operations time, solids percentage and viscosities.

Polychloroprene, polyurethanes and polyvinyl acetate adhesives as well as natural ecofriendly and process aids are made in this plant. Our adhesives are for sale throughout Central America under the DEL TORO brand.


This division was born more than 40 years ago and its function is to manufacture sheets of bonded fibers from regenerated or reconstituted leather, which are intended for the elaboration of insoles, toecaps, heels, recesses, fillings and buttresses for the footwear industry.


The products produced in this plant are: rubber, PVC compounds, TPR, EVA sheets, heels, rubber and PVC soles, templates, and wheelbarrows for the construction industry. The plant has a recycling area since the production of some soles is made from recycled rubber.

One of the latest developments are expanded rubber soles, focused on current trends in comfort, light and durable that characterize rubber or rubber materials.

We have the necessary equipment to carry out tests on semi-finished products as well as finished products in the field of rubber.

As part of our quality assurance, we have a state-of-the-art laboratory, unique in the region, to test the properties of our products and achieve assurance through tests for: hardness, flexibility, specific gravity, abrasion, stress, breaking strength, tensile strength, adhesion strength, hydrolysis, aging, compression and rheometry.